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Performance Mirro Man
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Performance Mirro Man
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Sarah, my manager, wanted to congratulate me on a job well done. She gave me a kudos, endorsed me for Business Growth, Customer Engagement and for showing Authenticity and Performance. She even wrote a nice comment.
Aww, thanks Sarah!

Brian, Mirro NPC

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How to ace your next performance appraisal Sweaty palms, knotted stomachs, anxiety, frustration, and lots of guesswork. These are some of the words that come to mind when thinking of the dreaded, twice-a-year ordeal of performance reviews. But performance reviews are a recent […]

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How to make remote work easier with Mirro

When we created Mirro, we envisioned a performance management platform that would work efficiently for team members, wherever they are. Thus, ever since its first days, Mirro was intended as a tool for connecting colleagues and making them feel more integrated, even if they never actually had the […]

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Why Performance Management Needs a Social Twist

As the age of industrialism came to an end, step by step, man separated himself from machine. Emotions, as well as the desire to fulfill one’s needs, even the ones ranking highest in Maslow’s hierarchy, slowly garnered more and more interest. Thus, a worker’s performance stopped being analyzed […]

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